New releases (unique) ,different, and a freebie

I have just to finish my new product inspired in Tangram I designed cats shapes and the original tangram square,,,,,, to give you lo´s a really curious and different look, take a peek to my designs:

and you can also use the Tangram frame to paste inside your favourite photo:

I used my last product "Shape Cats & Tangram Frame" wowww,,,,,,unique in the scrapbook market:

You can GRAB IT now in my STORE at DIGITALS

And......don´t worry,,,,,,,,,,I don´t forget your curious freebie this week.........but it is only available for a very limited go ahead,,,,and GRABB IT.....

Click HERE for Downloading ....Pass:tangram


Anew way to use my Paper Strip Template

Take a look all you can do with my Paperstrip template,,,,,,,,,but this timew you´ll use it in the oppo0site way, so you really strip your favourite photo,,,,,,,,,wowwwwwwww:

take a look to my previous post........and GRAB IT

my Paperstrips Template(CU) finished

Wow,,,,at the end,,, I was workiing in my special version (CU version) of a paper strip template,,,,,,to add your los a really wonderfull is the result:

and other lo to show use all you can do with this unique template:

Yopu can GRAB now this unique Template at DIGITALS

Awesome Golden Gate panoramic

Wowww I love bridges,,,,,,so my special tribute to One of the most beautiful ones,,, I used my las product,,,,Multi-photo template,,,,to divide up into littles pieces.

You can watch the Credits HERE

And of course you can get this gorgeus Template at DIGITALS

Now is a different version,,,,,ans you ca also get the really curious template HERE

Due on demand my Qp for free

Well I have received lot of questions about if is possible to offer a Qp with my last product "Lady Bugs" in my previous post, so here is it,,,,,,,,, enjoy it.
take a look to my new design using this Qp:

but first let me show you how you can use my really curious Origami frames II in my previous post.

You can wztch the Credits HERE at DIGITALS

You can get all products to design your own beautiful and different Lo´s in my STORE at DIGITALS

You can view Credits HERE

Download this unique Qp for free for a very limited time HERE

I am crazy excuse me I delete the pass,,,,try now

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