Working with vintage Coca Cola Advertising,,,

He all,,,,,,,in my previous post I showed you my last "Vintage Coca Cola" CS,,,,,,,Now I am showing ALL YOU CAN DO with this versatile Collage Sheet:

You can create some fun and unique custom coasters:

It is really so easy and fun........ You must cut out and print my ATC backgrounds,,,,,,after that. Glue them as you wish,,,,,,,and at the end cut out in a circle shape to apply your vintage coaster (gluing it). You may wish to apply some sealer to avoid any damage,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and that is all.........AND THE BEST,,,,,YOU DECIDE YOY PICTURES,,,,,,TRY IT.

You can also create something with the famous Bottle, sure,,,,,,all you need is the basic shape,,,,and add some vintage cards to cover it.:

Customized Wall Decor.

Really there are so much possibilities,,,,,,,,,, .

Wowwwww Darlene made an amazing and excellent work making These unique Coasters,,,,using my "Vintage Coca Cola Vol 2" available HERE. so i am showing a better look,,,,,,of them using Photoshop Software,,,,, I hope you like the look,,,,,, Darlene,,,,,,,,,,you are rock,,,,,,

Enjoy it........and drink Coca Cola

More, more and more New Releases

Wowww,,,, I love vintage,,,,,and all over,,,,a really famous drink,,,,,,,,so here is my new "Vintage Coca Cola" CS,,,,,,,It is available on my Store now.,I added it some distressed textures,,,,to get the perfect look. Take a look to my Close Up views:

Click to a larger View

And Here is the complete collage sheet ,,,a must have for any cardmaker:

Enjoy it........and drink Coca Cola

are you Thinking about it???? Take a look HERE:

Now my special tribute all Those women,,,,,,,,,,who live difficult moments,,,,,,I am sure,,,,,,Thanks for being the way you were,,,,,,,,,,simply WONDERFUL my friends.......... I designed a new distressed advertising collage I called it"Women at Work"it is available at my Store Now.

First of all is my sample card,,,,,,, I add some little color to women´s face,,,and Then I added some ornaments,,,,,,,,,:
:We Can Do It.


And HERE is The complete Collage Sheet:

And now it is FREEBIE Time:


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