New awesome Funny Mats and a freebie

This time I wish to design a really colorful i liked mats and here is my special De luxe version for you:

You must take a peek and stop to watch these beautiful Mats:

Theya are so funny ,,,,wowwww,,,, you mustn´t lost them.....wowwww,,,,,so you can add a very special touch to your favourite picts.........and all hard work was desgigend by myself shhhhhhhhhhh.


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And now your Curious Freebie,,,,wow,,,,,so be as fas as you can this one is will only available for a very limited time.

GRAB IT HERE Pass:291162 and... Don`t forget to leave some love words,,,here in my blog

and Now a gorgeus Extrafreebie:

You can GRAB IT HERE Pass:291162 , and leave some love words if you likein my blog.

Be creative with my Block Template (Professional Tips)

Wowwww take a peek how tyou can use my las product "Block Template" you aren´t limited only to apply a clipping mask ......please experiment,,,,,,,all buyers´ll receive a monthly bulletin with my advanced Tutorials...... and now watch,,,,,,,,,and enjoy.

Working in a new proyect ......different

I was feeling inspired, so i wante to design a special design to mix vintage and modern styles,to offer a RAK to my friends.......and at the end I have just find my idea......take a peek:

Yuo can watch a very ancient pict,,,,,,,,, bedach,sun and all over a really curious dress........and I add a really elegant textured frame and my original License plate (pink one) to get a really elegant and funny look. Anypeople taht leave some commment in my blog here,,,,,,´ll recieve a fre copy of this unique frame and license plate , don´t miss it.

Unique block Template and a freebie for you

Be different, scrap Try a new look for your ancient layouts, pictures, journalings, and all you can imagine,,,,,,,BLOCK THEM... and add an aweosome and unique touch of fun.

Watch my really curious designs usign this creative Tool:

I used on this pages my really funny and different "Pink Scrabble Alpha", you can buy it to a very low cost in the previous post......wowwww.....scrap different....think Pink.

You can GRAB IT directly and instanteneusly Through PAYPAL and E-Junkie...FOR ONLY $3.5

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And Now.......your Quick Page for free using this awesome effect,,,,,,,,BLOCK THEM.....WOWWW.

This freebie is only available for a very limited go ahead,,,,and GRAB IT HERE as you can PASS:291162

And a wonderfull surprise for you,,,,,,Wowwww,,,, and EXTRA FREBBIE..........

Take a peek:

This freebie is available only the next 24 hours,,, so be as fast as possible,,,,wowwww PASS:thanks

Sorry Expired link,,,,but you can get still to a very low cost......thank you.

Sampler preview of my new proyect

I am working in my new proyect,,,,,BLOCK THEM.... so you ´ll can BLOCK, your favourites photos ,including your old scraps adding to all them a new dimension,,, take a peek:

I´ll finish it on Monday and anypeople that leave some love words,,,,will receive a free copy of this funny and incredible Template.

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