New Masquerade & Carnival Collage Sheet and a FREEBIE

This week my entry at Gothic Arch Challenge is themed on Masquerade /Carnivale,,,,,,so I wanted design a new Collage Sheet and all over ...i wish to test how work my new Gothic Arch Backing taht I show you in my previous post.

It is Carnival Time,,,,,,,,i am sure children enjoy,,,,,,,,,so,,,,,,,,,,,,,scrap them,,,,,,,,,

You can take a look to my entry for the Gothic Arch Challenge......wowwwwwwwww, using my new CS:
Click on the image to view a larger one.

I used my new and unique" Masquerade I CS" , I think it is really the perfect time to use this sheets.

Click on the image to view a larger one.

It is available now for only 2,44
directly from my Store HERE

I have just design,,,,,,another Carnival Themed Collage sheet,,,,,,becuase I am living in Cadiz,,and this city is Famous by its Carnival:

Click on the image to view a larger one.

Here is my entry for the Wednesday Stamper Challenge

Click on the image

Masquerade a really gorgeus and unique ATc created by
Femmy from my CT. (Thanks a million Femmy)

Click on the image

And HERE is my new "Cadiz Carnival CS"

Click on the image to view a larger one.

It is available now for only 2,44
directly from my Store HERE

I also used my "Gothic Arches Backings" because it allow me to show metallic arches over your favorite background , I am sure you´ll enjopy it:

Available from my STORE HERE

Amd Now check this gorgueus Collage Sheets with my new FREEBIE

Download the freebie here

Awesome unique Gothic Arch ATC collage sheet and FREEBIE

I love GOTHIC ARCHES,,,,, but i am tired to use AL TIME THE SAME ARCH,,,,.So i have re-design a new Gothic get the most amazing ATC card with mu new "Gothic Arches Backings" . Now you get:

  • 7 Different ATC /ACeO Backings (jpg files)
  • 3 Gorgeus Metallic Gothic Arches (PNG Files)
Those all elements are in separate files , so you can fast build your own card with your favorite Arch,,,,,,wiwwwww a MUST_HAVE for all Car makers.......

Bu first let me know to show you,,,,,,,,,my NEW COLLAGE SHEETS COMING SOON ,,,, I am sure you ´ll love these all .............enjoy it.

Take a look to my samplers using these amazing Collage sheet:

Click on the image to Zoom

Click on the image to Zoom

Click on the image to Zoom

And now watch the beautiful work by Femmy from my CT:

Click on the image to Zoom

Click on the image to Zoom

And here is my new gorgeus "Gothic ArchesBackings":

Click on the image to Zoom

FOR ONLY 2,44 30%OFF

And that is not all,,,,,,,wowwww,,,,, Now you can check out these unique product by downloading my Sampler FREEEBIE........but it is only for a very limited time


AND THE WINNER IS...........

wowwwww, thanks a million to all people,,,,,,,,,who visited my blog,,,,,on my first participatioon on OWOH giveaway,,,,,,,, I used a random generator,,,,,,and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, tam taqm tammmmmmm,,,,,,,,,,,,tat atammm...................... the WINNNER TO GET A 30 FREE COLLAGE SHEETS,ISSSSSSSSSSSSS......................... Sussie..........

So congratulatons Sussie,,,,,,,,,,I hope you enjoy my Giveaway,,,,,and i am sending ten extra pack including thre free collaga sheets,,,,,to first ten people on list.......wowwwwwww,,,,,,,,,,,,

Wowww,,, Karen,,,,,,are bragging my previous post,,,,,,where I posted my amazing "Favortie Books" card........Thanks a million Karen,,,,,, my mum love this serie,,,,so I have just desing a beautiful card,,,,,,,,, a nice tribute to the Lost Magazine

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