Dolly Dingle Dolls & Vintage Puppies

New Dolly Dingle Paper Doll

Hello, Dolly Dingle!

While the Joseph Campbell Company was busy using Drayton's wonderful illustrations to sell soup to the nation, Drayton continued to illustrate for various magazines. In 1913, she created a new character, Dolly Dingle, to appear in the popular publication Pictorial Review. With her shoe-button eyes and baby curls, Dolly Dingle instantly skipped into the hearts of the American public.

Over the next 20 years, Drayton would create more than 200 paper dolls in the Dolly Dingle series. Prior to 1926, the paper dolls were printed in full color, but during the Depression, Pictorial Reviewswitched to a two color series. Dolly Dingle's adventures included travelling around the world to visit children of distant lands, including such characters as Beppo and Prince Dalim Kumar. These foreign friends came complete with costumes and symbols of their native lands. Travel by steamer had never been easier and even the most stay at home Americans were often turned into globetrotters visiting Egypt, Rome, and the Holy Land because voyages had become comparitively simple. The round the world set of Dolly Dingle dolls is a wonderful reflection of the new found fascination with distant lands. 

Sample of Billy Bumps paper doll

Enjoy my new Dolly Dingle`s Sheets:

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magents, coasters and anything you canj imagine

Amazing Dolly Dingle PaperDoll

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Do you love Puppies?

If so, Then you ´ll enjoy these new creations withmy latest puppies sheets by Brenda,,, I really love this kind of cards,,, .These little friends deserve a fun post in my in my blog,,,Horay for Brenda:

I really enjoy this rounded cards by Brenda

Aren´t They adorable cards???

Here are my Puppies Sheets:

My Dog CS - Click Image to Close

So Fun and Cute Dogs CS - Click Image to Close


Take a look to this fantastic Puppy Card by Brenda working with this unique puppy vintage illustration,,,,,,,You ncan`t miss it.

Elegant and fascinating Vintage Puppy Card by Brenda

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Enjoy The New Releases.

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