Using my "Funny Puffy Numbers" woww

Iam showing you how to use really in a funny way my last CU product,,,,,Pyffy Funny Numbers,,,,,," take a peek to my previous post and try it.

You can vatch all Credits HERE

Awesome CU new product and Megafreebie

Wowww: MooTwo Designs are offering really all my products (Commercial ones) about 50% OFF and the rest only to $1 ........yepaaaaaaaa.

I have just design a super fabulous "puffy carttonish numbers" and it is a Commercial use tool, so you can design your own frames, tags, and all you can imagine with this incredible kit. Please take a peek to my samplers:

Really a different way to show love and memories

You can also use these unique numbers to show your family....yepaaa

and of course,,,,,,it is really extraordinary on Birthdays,,,,,,,,,,wowwwww

Of course youn can do really beautiful Layouts to show your family picts also :

Now I am showing you a complete view of all my really funny numbers,,,,,they are designed as puffy fel and theyhave been cartoonished:

You can get this awesome Tool now to a vey low costDIRECTLY THROUGH PAYPAL AND E-JUNKIE HERE for only $3.25

Add to Cart View Cart

And,,,,,now it is time of your new FREEBIE....that I designed using this awesome tool: three different Funny frames,,,,,so different,,,,,so funny unique...........take a peek:

and they are for COMMERCIAL USE,,,, So, GRABI IT while you can,,,,,,,,,thisis only for a very limited time........GRAB IT HERE pass:291162

Funny and different Los and a SUPERFREEBIE

Woww, I love play and experimenting so i am showing you my last funny LO using my Puffy shapes and doodle tags, so you can view all the potential with these unique tools, take a peek:

You can note so vibrant colors and a very personal style scrapping,,,,,,so go ahead and try to scrap in a different way,,,,,,,,,it is unique,differrent and amazing......yeahhhhhh.

and a new version of "My Little Princess"

I used to do this curious LO the follow products from my STORE:

Puffy Frames

Puffy shapes
Doodle Tags

Puffy Halloween

Little Dreamers Paperpack

And Now it is time for you new FREEBIE.........wowww, unique and amazing, but it is only available for a very limited time,,,, i called it "Moments Template"

So GRAB IT HERE ..while you can and enjoy it, and of course don´t forget to leave some love words in my blog.....thanks a lot. Happy Halloween PASS: moments

New Funny LO and a Freebie for you

I have just to do a new and really different LO using my last products, I wanted to show you how is possible to scrap in adifferent way and not to get allways the same old scrap, take a peek

Click to view a larger image

I used the follow products (below) to do this beautiful LO.

Available now at my STORE

Doodle TagsLittle Dreamer PaperpackPuffy ShapesPuffy Frames

And of course it is time to get a new FREEBIE ,,,,,,but wowwww REMEMBER it is a 24 HOURS FREEBIE SO BE FAS DOWNLOADING IT,:


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