Playtime Stories and H. Fisher Women

Today I am showing you the amaing card by Angela  Lynn,,,,working with some of my Vintage Women Illustrations and all over from thefamous Book called "Little Women",,,,,Try add a vintage look to your cas and be unique, be different,,,,,,Horayyyyyyyyyyy for Lynn.

Henry Fisher Women

Illustrations from "Little Women" Book
Little Woman CS - Click Image to Close

A Dream of Fair Women CS - Click Image to Close

Fascinating Victorian Women CS - Click Image to Close

Frank Haviland`s Women - Click Image to Close


Are You a Pet Lover???

If so You´d love my new sheet to color these curte and funny pets,,,and create stunning cards,,,,,It is a must have for any pet lovers,,,,,,,go ahedad,,,,,,,and get my "Playtime Stories DSL"

Ta ke  a look to these single images on the collection

Show me all you can create with these funny images.

The Colored Sunbonnes Babies

You know,,,I love the "Sunbonnets" Characters on The books by Bertha C. and all over in her famous "The Sunbonnets Babies Primer", and others,,,, so I have designed a new colored sheet to sho you these really cute and unique Sunbonnets,,,, I am falling in love with these ones,,,, Take a look to my samples ,so you can get some inspiration,,,,to crete unique gifts.

Quote reads "Get Well Soon" onto ceramic tiles.

And what about Stitching your favorite images onto a DVD?

Try it,,,, it is really so funny and cute,,,,,,,,
Quote reads" The best way to have a friend is to be one"

I used here my DVD Template,,,,:

Stitching DVD 21 Points Star Template - Click Image to Close

And of course my new "Colored Sunbonnets Sheet"

Enjoy playing,,,,,horayyyyy for the Sunbonnnets,,,

Hi again,,,,,,,I asked to Lisa Minckler to work with two of my latest releases,,,,and she is always surprising me with her stunning cretions,,,so directly from her blog :

Buttons and Shoes, buttons and shoes, what to do with buttons and shoes?? Well, if they are icky old brown buttons, you can make these fabby little button holders using the latest Vintage Children Book Covers from Nicecrane Designs.

Enjoy the complete images
Here is how the holders came to be....
Then the transformation of the buttons....



But she could have kept going with the buttons, but I couldn't wait to get coloring these wonderful little bears from Ignacio's shop called, Easter Teddy Bears.


And they live in shoe. A vintage pink baby shoe....

Happy as can be and ready for Easter!
Again, all these adorable images can be found @

I am falling in love with these Colored Bears by Lisa Minckler


But if you haven`t much time to color,,,,,,,Then you can get the colored version 
Easter�s Teddy Bears CS - Click Image to Close

Thanks for stopping by in my blog,,,and enjoy playing

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