Incredible Allways Peter Rabbit CS

My special tribute to Ms Potter,,,,,,,I have designed a new Collage Sheet......and I used the famous and unique origianl illustrations by Ms Potter,,,,from her "The tale of Petter Rabbit"...and I added some grunge effect to get a curious and fun look, take a look to my card:

First let me know how fun and specially are these famous character for childrens:

Ms Potter and friends

Click on image to enlarge
Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

I am showing you a nice and gorgeus Close up,,,,,from my new ATC Backings,,,,,,

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

And Here is my amazing and funny easter Theme inspired on Peter Rabbit,,,,,,

Click on image to enlarge

I am sure you´ll enjoy this Cs but you can test the really high quality on this product checking my FREEBIE:


Showing you my new Fairyland Town CS and a PSD Tut.

Woww I think the bes way to learn Photoshop is studying layered PSDS files,,,,so yo can watch how work each layer and you can play wth all them,,,,so take a look to my new creation:

Fairies among us
Click on the image to enalarge

I used my last two collage sheets "Fairyland Town " and "Vintage Newspapesr"

You can now get the complete PSD and stusy it to lean a lot of new Tips and tricks,,,,,,,

New Newspaper Flourishes and a FREEBIE

wowwwwww I love all unnusual things,,,,,,,today I discovered a special Challenge at ACC so they want a "4 pieces ATC" using newspaper,,,,,,,,it is a amazing challenge...........and here is my entry:

Golden Geisha

Click on the image to enlarge

You can note that all these individual ATC cards,,,,put together create an incredible and amazing design,,,,,,

I used my "Vintage Newspaper" Collage Sheet in my previous post and my new "Newspaper Flourishes" my last and different product.

Click on the image to enlarge

Love Spring

Click on the image to enlarge

My entry for Three Muse challenge,,,,,,,,,,,this week Newspaper Theme:

True Angels
I used My "Newspaper Flourishes" and my new Fun and creative "Fairyland Town" Collage Sheet":

"Fairyland Town"

Click on the image to enlarge

And Here is my new ATC TOOL to create gorgeus effect and give a grun ge look to your cards:

two new CS and a FREEBIE

Hi again, I was working hard to get a new Vintage Newspaper,,,,,,,textured and with a vintage effect to get your cards a beautiful look, but first I wan to sho you my entries for my favorite challenge:

First my entryu for the Gothic Arches challenge and this week theme is Beach Bathing
Beauties" :

Click on the image

I used my new Vintage Newspapers on the background

Products used on the previous card:

Second my entry for the "it is not black and white," ,,,,,,,,at Mixed Media Monday

Click on the image

Products used on the previous card:

Of course I was working in my new two Collage Sheets "Sexy Pin-Ups" and "Vintage Newspapers"

A fun example,,,,,to show you how really works Nespapers and Pin Ups:

Top Secret

Click on the image

Beauty & You

Click on the image

Sexy Pin Ups

Click on the image


Vintage Newspapers

Click on the image

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