My New Alice in Wonderland & Peter Rabbit Series

I really love my new Folded bookmarks product line,,,,and I having asked about an Alice in Wonderland Series,,,,,sure,,,, I am an Alice´s fan,,,,,,, so here is my new "Folded Bookmark Alice". I asked to Sandi,,,,,,,to build a vintage bookmark using my pack,,,,and she made a unique and really elegant and adorable bookmark:

Alice Front View by Sandi

Alice Bookmark inside panel.

Alice Bookmark Outside View



I was also working in a new Peter Rabbit Series and asked to Renee and Darlene create some fun and adorable cards using this new one. OMG they made so beautiful and really sweetie cards,I cant wait to show you the finished result,,,,,,,,You´ll be loving the Complete Serie, here is the finished cards:

Card by Renee Oneill ,so sweetie, so different, so unique
I love the vintage effect,and all over how she apply
Tim Holtz Distressed Ink ...wowwww

Here is a closer look,,,,so you can admire the
incredible effect,,,,that Renee used here.

and here is an Open View,,,,,,This card is really
Stunning,,,,,I was sure about Renee

He, He, He,,,,,where are you?????
I was lookinf you t show my new digis......yeahhhhhh

And Now.................... it is time for Darlene´s Card

Isn´t it adorable???,,,,,,OMG I love the gorgeus bow,
her amazing die,and all over her unnusual coloring
I am really impressed,,,,,thanks a million Darlene

And What about this card?,,,,,,,
so vibrant, so colorful, I love,,,,love, love
this one,,,,,, and don´t forget to take a
look to her beautiful sentiment.

I´d love enter these cards on the following Challenges:

And,,,,,,,these all cards wee building using my new "Peter Rabbit & V. Albert DS",really you can get the Complete Serie to a very competitive cost,,,,,,,,,,,,take a look to my SAVE PACK


But you can also get indidual take a look to the the Complete Series
watching this funny slideshow:

Old World Map (Folded Bookmark)

Wowww,,,, hi again,,,,I have just finished my new Bookmark,,,,,,,,,"Old World Map" from my Folded Bookmark Series,,,,, It is a vintage map by Hondio and it is filled with vibrant and colorful colors,,,,,,I am sure you´d love it. I asked to Sandi to build my elegant bookmark and shed did a gorgeus work,,,,,,here is the result.

But first let me show you a funny slide of my last Bookmarks:

Front View,,,,,you can appreciate the vibrant colors here
Thanks a million Sandi

Inside View,,,,,,,,,with the added sentiments by Sandi
It is so elegant,,,so different,,

Outside View , so you can watch
The complete Bookmark

And finally my product preview,,,,,,wowwwww

Folded Bookmarks

Hi again ladies,,,,,,this time starting with a new product line produjct,,, it is my Folded Bookmarks Series,,,,and now,,,,,, my new "Folded Bookmark The Great Wave" a classic,,,,,,,woww,,,,,

Classic artworks and poetic quotations combine on this set of six exquisite new bookmarks. Open up the decorative exteriors to reveal a penned pearl of wisdom from one of the world's most enlightened minds.

You can add your own message to give it a really personal touch and make this a gift with even deeper meaning.

you ´ll get all necessary to fold and create your stunning bookmark and the Best,,,,,YOU CAN ADD YOUR OWN SENTIMENT OR USE THE ONE INCLUDED.....WOWWW,,,,,, . I ask to Sandi and Kevin to work with this product and here are the result:

And here is my first Classic Bookmark The Famous Great Wave at Kanagawa by Hoskusai;

About the Great Wave

Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) created this extraordinary picture around 1831. It is known as The Great Wave Off Kanagawa (Fugaku sanjurokkei: Kanagawaoki namiura). It is a fairly small (10 x 15 in or 25.4 x 37.1 cm) colour woodcut. The original is at the Hakone Museum in Japan.

[Hokusai's Great Wave]

Here are some of their beautiful woodblocks

But first let show you the amazing and unique cards by my DT:

Card by Clare using my Audubon Bookmarks
Ireally love this one,,,,,,thanks a million Clare.

And here another one by Renee Oneill

Adorable and really a unique card using
my "Adorable Children DS5"

I´d love enter the cards on the following Challenges:

And Now....

The amazing Bookmark by Sandi (wowwww)

I used it in my preview

Front view

Inside view

Outside view

And I am also showing yout the version by Kevin:



Are you Thinking on it???? Take a look to my easy to follow print sheets:

you must Try a one,,,,,,wowwwww,,,,,,,

Victorian Kids New Release

Wowww ladies I am showing you a new Release,,,,, I love This one,,,,,It is my new "Victorian Kids Series" I asked some DT members to work with these adorable childhood pictures,,,,,,and here is the result:

Darlene made these INCREDIBLE CARDS

OMG,,,,,Darlene I love these all orange tones,,,,,and your colorization is really stunning,,,,I am really surprised,,,woww, wowww,,,,and the flowers you added are absolutely stunning my friend,,,I was sure you´d do a really gorgeus work,,,,,,hurra for Darlene......

Renee Oneill made this unique and amazing Gate Fold card OMG her colorization is so adorable, and these yelllow flowers,,,,,,,,,are perfect here,,,,,and what can I say about my embossed back?,,,,,,,,,,Brilliant my friend,,,,,,,you are really talented.

These cards were created using my new "Victorian Kids " Series available in my store now:

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