Stitching DVD´s......Templates & Fantasy

FINALLY,,,,,due on demand,,,,,,,,,,,,hereare my STITCHING DVD´S.... WOWWWW.... you can get your "Stitching DVD 21 Points Star" and you can aslo get my "Stitching DVD Ornament 1",,,so Thanks to these unique templates,you only need to place them over your DVD ,,,,,,,,,,perforate the holes and have fun stitching Them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A MUST HAVE TO TRY......

Here are my samplers:

I used here an amazing stamp colored by Sandi

my "Sweet Girl DS2"


I used here my Stitchind DVD Template and

my "Peter Rabbit Cliparts"

And Now,,,,,,take a look to the Previes Wowwwwww:

GET YOUR "Stitching DVD 21 Points Star"

GET YOUR "Stitching DVD Ornament 1"

I am sure you´ll have hours of fun,,,,,playing with Them.....

Hi again,,,,,,I have just finished a new Enchanted Fantasy CS to use in your fantasy designs,,,,,,,,,,,,It is really so colorfull,,,,so vibrant,,,,,,,,,I am showing you my sampler card,,,,so you can test it:

I really love this card.....Wowww....

Recipe for this card:

Background :Enchanted Fantasy CS

Gothic Arch: Gothic Arch IV

Ring: Cathedral Labyrints (CU)

Funny Trolls: My New Freebie in my Photoshop Classes. at CDADC

on The Discussion Forum

So be creative, be different,,,,be unique......

And here is a Closer Look from my New Enchanted Fantasy CS:


And a nice sampler:

Enjoy it.........


michele hileman March 18, 2011 at 1:00 AM  

Really awesome work. I love it

Anonymous March 18, 2011 at 8:29 AM  

that looks great

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