Wowwww,,, ladies, hi again,,,,,,are you tired to use the same bored papers always?,,,,,,,,,,, OPSSS,,,,,,then let me know sho you you all my new release,,,,,,,first  one of the most mysterious paperpacks you have ever seen, they are inspired from the original Voynich Manuscript,,,,,wowwww,,, I am sure you´ll love them:

The Voynich Manuscript is considered to be 'The Most Mysterious Manuscript in the World'. To this day this medieval artifact resists all efforts at translation. It is either an ingenious hoax or an unbreakable cipher. The manuscript is named after its discoverer, the American antique book dealer and collector, Wilfrid M. Voynich, who discovered it in 1912, amongst a collection of ancient manuscripts
Based on the evidence of the calligraphy, the drawings, the vellum, and the pigments, Wilfrid Voynich estimated that the Manuscript was created in the late 13th century. The manuscript is small, seven by ten inches, but thick, nearly 235 pages. It is written in an unknown script of which there is no known other instance in the world. 

The Voynich Manuscript Misteyrous
and here are my "Voynich Paperpack" based on this one

I am showing some cards using my last "Voynich Paperpack", I hope you like them.....:

Designed with Voynich Paperpack,,,,,,,to get a misteryous look.

Adding some special touches to yourt cards........TRY IT.

Darlene used these curious papers as Background to create these super sweetie cards,,,, OMG what creative is Darlene,,,, I adore each details on them:

The Stunning Cards by Darlene

Squirrel pict from my "Peter Rabbit Series"

Picts from my "Victorian Fashion CS"

Picts from my "Little Woman CS"

All backgrond Papers are from my "Voynich Manuscript Paperpack"

So you can test how creative and innovative is Darlene,,,,she used the mysterious papers on these cards and she love the finished result,,,,,but I really adore her creativiy,,,,,,thanks Darlene.......................wowwwwww


New Little Maids Series

Did you remember my "Little Maids" Series,,,,,,,,wowww,,, I loved it,, so I asked to Renee create some amazing card using this series to promote my new release on this serie......I was working hard to get the most adorable digi stamps for you,,,,,,,,from this unique Book. is the result:

Card by Renee Oneill using my "Little Maids DS5"
I Think this is the best card by Renee I am sure, I love
each detail here,colors,arragement,vintage effect and coloriztion,,,,woww.

Here is a closer look,,,,,to appreciate the amazing work by Renee

And finally here is an inside view of her adorable card.......yeahhhhh

But as I told you I love this Book ,,,so I have designed a New Complete Set and here is it:

Here is my colored sampler:

And here my card:

I´d love to enter my card in the following challenges:

and here the new releases:
: is your FREEBIE:


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