Maya Codices Paperpack & New Christmas Releases

Mayan Calendar says The World will end on December 21, 2012.

On December 21, 2012, the Mayan Calendar's 13th Baktun cycle will end. On this date, the world as we know it will also change. So it should. This is the natural order of our universe. It is the order of all things. Yet, despite the fact that change is normal and expected in everything that we know, there is a tremendous amount of anticipation for this one upcoming date of December 21, 2012 in particular. The reasons are many, both good and bad. For some, December 21, 2012 is the beginning of a new era, where humanity will evolve to a greater understanding of our place in the universe. To others, it is the much prophesied Apocalypse, or the doomsday end. Ironically, for most of the living decendents of the ancient Maya themselves, it's just the end of another calendar cycle or simply another day.

the family

 Inspired on these actual events,,,,I have designed a new 

Maya Codices  A2 Papepack 

I hope December 21 Th not to be The End of The World...woww.,woww.

Take a close-up view to some papers on the pack

And here some samplers playing with famous characters and
Maya papers....I hope you enjoy them.

Alice and Maya Codices Papers by Nicecrane Designs

Tintín on "The Temple of the Sun Book"
 & Maya Codices Papers by Nicecrane Designs

And from the latest comic I am reading "Belem"
Playing with Belem Illustrations & Maya Codices Papers


Mevlida Malkoc  did a really so adorable and unique Vintage Recipe 
working with my "Children in The Victorian age IV"
Absolutely a true treasury to watch.
  Vintage Victorian Recipe by Mevlida Malkoc (LOVE IT)

Here is The sheet:


Also Mevlida Malko
c was working with my

Christmas Collections (HERE)
and she did These sweetie and gorgeus Christmas Napkin Container
Christmas Napkin Container by Mevlida Malkoc
Christmas Napkin Container by Mevlida Malkoc

Thanks a million to Mevlida for these great work,,,,,

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