Midolle Paperpack & Incredible sheilah Beckett

Wowww i was inspired from vintage and very old papers,,,,,and now I am showing you my new "Midolle " A2 Paperpack,,,,,,,,it is really a very vintage and rare one,,,,,,,from an ancient book, but I recoloured it and now it is really a very colorful paperpack,,,,,,,, .

I was lookinf for new illustrations to add to my sampler cards,,,and I discovere to Sheila Beckett ilustrator OMG, She is really amazing, she illustrated some of the more sweet and adorable illustrations for Gilbert & Sullivan song Books.

Sheilah Beckett illustrated a number of Golden Books that I remember seeing in the 60's and 70's but I had no idea her work went back as far as 1940. I discovered these in an edition of Gilbert & Sullivan stories illustrated for kids, at the Disney library and wouldn't rest until I got myself a copy. These are from THE GONDOLIERS, the other stories included THE MIKADO and HMS. PINAFORE.

She's got a great feel for color, design and decoration. I could never emulate this type of drawing, but I always enjoy looking at them. The figures feel a little like dancers and have very solid posing. I have more, dating right up until the 1980's so for people who are just seeing her work for the first time as well as longtime fans: enjoy! (click to enlarge)

I must say you I was watching a very funny version of these Gilbert & Sullivan play, and I am showing you an amazing video Poor Wandering One from "The Pirates of Penzance "

So I decided to add some of her illustrations to my Sample cards using my Midolle Paperpack

I used here :

Background Midolle A2 Paperpack
DigiStamps : My New Peter Pan Stamp Sheet
Some picts from Peter Pan from Sheilah Beckett Book.

A funny Gate Fold Card

I used here:

Background Midolle A2 Paperpack
Some characters illustrated by Sheila Beckett
from her Gilber & Sullivan Song Books

And now here is my new Midolle A2 Paperpack

Close-Up View




Netty August 4, 2011 at 9:49 PM  

Thank you for showing Pirates of Penzance, loved it.......

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